Role Description for Director




Working alongside other Directors to:

  1. formulate and regularly review the strategic aims of BWE as expressed through the mission and annual targets.

  2. develop and review the policies and practices of the organisation to ensure they are in keeping with its aims and values

  3. ensure, through its conduct and style of operation, through its management and through its legal and financial practices that the organisation reflects the requirements of Companies House, its funders and best practice.

  4. support the staff and team in their day to day management of BWE.



1.  Strategic aims

  • discuss and approve annual strategic targets

  • review and approve a mission and other statements of the vision and values of BWE

  • ensure that the vision and values are reflected in BWE’s legal status, strategy, policies and practices at all times.


2.  Policies

  • ensure regular development and review of all policies

  • receive reports on performance against policies and objectives.


3.  Practice

  • regularly monitor all aspects of BWE’s activities as agreed with the Board

  • ensure good relationships are maintained with Derbyshire County Council, funders and key stakeholders ensure that the organisation complies with all Companies House requirements.

4.  Supporting the Staff and Team

  • be prepared for and attend all Board meetings and any others that are considered appropriate

  • attend training sessions as agreed

  • represent BWE on occasions as agreed with the Chair and Board

  • assist on one off issues by agreement with the Chair and Board.

  • in line with your skills set, accept membership of committees that support finance, personnel and marketing, and undertake duties as agreed with the Committee Chair.

  • Support the line management of staff employed directly by BWE.


Person specification for the role of Director


The following lists the skills, experience and qualities needed to be a Trustee:

  1. A commitment to BWE and to its mission, values and principles of operation.

  2. A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort.

  3. Good, independent judgement and a willingness to speak your mind.

  4. An ability to maintian confidentiality, and to act and speak with diplomacy,  respecting the view points of others.

  5. An ability to think creatively.

  6. A willingness to develop awareness of different kinds of impairments and social disabilities which can affect users of the service at BWE.

  7. An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of a board member.  (Specific information and support will be available as part of your induction).

  8. An ability to work effectively as a member of a team.

  9. A willingness to share any specialist skills or experience you may have (e.g. finance, knowledge of the local community, legal, experience of impairment or disability).

  10. Good character – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness and honesty.

  11. A willingness to be available for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis.

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