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We've worked with Derbyshire County Council, National Trust, Cromford Mill, Parish and Town Councils, Bolsover District Council and a number of community groups. Our work includes maintaining trails and country parks, tree planting and installing benches. 


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Truck driving across field. On the left hand side there are lots of small trees with white tree guards on them. There are tyre tracks across the grass in the foreground.

Tree Planting at Creswell Colliery Pit Tip

We are currently in the middle of a 4 year planting program helping to deliver the creation of a community woodland space at Creswell. Located on the old pit tip, we are planting 27,500 trees on behalf of Bolsover District Council to create an accessible woodland for all. We are planting a variety of species across the site to provide a broad range of habitat and biodiversity in a strategic arrangement to allow views to key local landmarks including Creswell Crags, Sherwood Forest, and the model village in Creswell.

Several people in a large field planting trees. To the right are mature trees and in the background are several houses and hills in the distance.

Tree planting at Over Haddon, Bakewell

This winter we were engaged by a private land owner to plant a shelterbelt woodland comprising of four tree species: Wild cherry, Common hawthorn,Silver birch and Rowan. This shelter belt is to provide cover for livestock on an otherwise exposed site, and adding important variety into the local landscape. We were able to advise the client on planting positions, orientations and species selection to suit their needs and environment.

Four people, three wearing high vis jackets and safety helmets, stood near winter trees. In the background is a hill.

Grin Low, Buxton

On behalf of Derbyshire County Council, as part of our contractual annual work, we have undertaken a weeks worth of fence line clearance around Grin Low in Buxton. DCC are aiming to revert some of this young woodland into pasture and grazing. As part of this project BWE have been clearing the way to allow Derbyshire Rangers to erect new fencing around the area.  Steeps slopes, snowy skies, and cold winds made for a very atmospheric and enjoyable location.

Rustic bench made out of wood using two planks and four poles. Green undergrowth in the background.

Rustic Bench supply and Installation

Our workshop team produces one of these bench and backs on average each week throughout the year. All the timber used in our workshop is locally sourced, either as a waste product from our management work, or as donated timber which we process using our portable mill. 

A combination of hardwood slabs, usually beech or sycamore, and larch legs mean our benches will easily last 10 years outside with proper care. Each piece is unique and makes best use of the individual features hidden within each tree. You don't have to walk far in North East Derbyshire in order to appreciate our benches which we have installed in Pleasley Country Park, Grassmoor CP, Poulter CP, Tibshelf ponds, Bluebank Loop, Chesterfield Canal, the Trans Pennine Way, Kirk Ireton, Cromford,  Ashover Parish, Killamarsh, and more. We’ve even had enquiries from London!

Three people wearing blue trousers and tops lifting a wooden panel and two posts into position. There are trees and blue sky in the background.

Installation of Information board, Youlgreave

As part of our continued partnership with Youlgreave Bankside Community Garden, our workshop team created a bespoke interpretation board which we installed on site. A weatherproof panel mounted on a sycamore slab and larch legs means this interpretation panel will provide information about the garden to many years worth of village children and visitors.

Two raised beds made out of wood with young plants inside. In between the raised beds is gravel. In the background there is a polytunnel.

Tree nursery at Palterton

BWE currently has three plots at Palterton allotments where we grow our own tree saplings from seed. Both the polytunnel and seed tunnel are used to germinate seed, which is then transplanted into our raised beds. These high beds give good access to our team members to allow for weeding and watering. We can supply a number of different species of trees in exchange for donations. Trees that remain in the beds for more than a year are transplanted into the floor to be grown on as standards. We also grow vegetables which our team members have access to, to promote healthy eating and education about personal welfare. We have just expanded a plot to include soft fruit and grape vines.

Three steps built with wood and gravel leading up to a stone building. Post and rail fencing to the left of the steps

Fence and step repairs, Youlgreave

In March last year BWE undertook a large renovation at Bankside Community Garden. We replaced the post and rail fencing along the steep drop into Bradford Dale and the Limestone way as well as a number of steps around the garden. We shored up the eroding footpath and steps down into the garden to provide a viewpoint over the dale itself. A particularly hard site to access, especially with so many wooden posts, rails and bags of concrete, the team worked extremely hard carrying around one tonne of materials 250m through the winding access to site.

“Woodlands are a very important part of his life.  He loves going and this has brought him along. Carry on doing the great work you do, thank you.“

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